Google Unveils Hurricane Public Alerts and Storm Tracking

As the hurricane season begins to kick up here in the United States, Google has unveiled one of its latest features to help users near the storm to prepare them well in advance.

Google is now showing Public Alerts in Google Search to track storms and inform the public in local areas that could be affected by the storms. When you search about a particular hurricane or tornado in an area, you may now see:

  • A map showing your location in relation to the oncoming storm
  • Visualizations of its forecasted track, wind severity and arrival time, courtesy of NOAA
  • Concise instructions for preparing and staying safe, customized for the estimated intensity of the storm and its arrival time relative to your location, from FEMA and

“The safety recommendations you receive will be tailored to reflect the current status of the event and your context. For example, if you search for a specific storm when it’s still several days away, you may see a map of the developing weather event and a recommendation to start preparing an emergency kit. If the storm is only hours away from your location, you might receive a reminder to start charging your phone in case power goes out. And if you search when the storm is nearby, you’ll get the most urgent information, like how to avoid injury from fast-moving water or flying debris.” Google’s blog post had stated.

Google’s believes with public alerts and providing more information to its users sooner, it can help with the early-warning’s and better prepare people for the storms. More information can be found at

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