Chrome To Stop Annoying Autoplay On Tabs Not In Focus

Chrome will soon roll-out a new feature for its browser that will prevent media (videos and music) from autoplaying if they are not in the foreground.

No more annoying tabs playing music or videos when you aren’t actually on the tab! This has been one of the biggest frustrations for users over the last couple of years and Google is looking to stop it.

“Google Chrome will now defer playback of autoplay media until the tab is foregrounded in the latest Dev Channel. This means no more “Where’s that sound coming from?” moments when an ad for instance decides to autoplay in a tab you’ve specifically opened in the background.” said Francois Beaufort on his Google+ page yesterday.

“Resources will still be preloaded if indicated but Chrome will delay the start of playback until you actually visit the tab.”

With the shooting of two journalists earlier this week, the public has called on social media sites to stop autoplay of videos since the shooter uploaded a first-person video of the murders to his social accounts for the world to see. While this latest Chrome update is not the solution to that problem, perhaps Google could look at ways of stopping web pages from autoplaying videos as well from the browser level, instead of the site-level.

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