LG Rolly Keyboard Provides Portability For Your Mobile Devices

Looking to write a book or long story on your mobile phone or tablet? LG has the answer for you with their new LG Rolly Keyboard. As the name suggests this roll-up keyboard makes carrying it around a breeze but gives you everything you need to be comfortable with typing at turbo speed.

The KBB-700 Rolly Keyboard has all of your basic keys of a regular keyboard except for as number keypad or function keys. It has 17mm key pitch which is nearly exactly the same as a desktop keyboard making it easy to switch to the Rolly Keyboard.

The LG Rolly Keyboard also connects wireless to your devices via Bluetooth and can be paired with up to two devices. The keyboard also has support arms that allow for it to cradle your mobile device so you can easily see on screen what you are typing.

Pricing for the LG Rolly Keyboard has not yet been announced but LG says they will provide more information around the product next month.

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