Verizon Hum Provides OnStar Like Functionality For Less

Verizon Hum Provides OnStar Like Functionality For Less

verizon_hum_2Verizon today showed off its new Hum service for vehicles that provides OnStar like features to your car like emergency dispatch, roadside assistance and car health diagnostics as well. All of the communications go over the Verizon cellular network so its not exactly an “anywhere” type service.

In addition to the emergency services, the Verizon Hum also provides consumers with health information about their car such as gas mileage, oil change reminders, check engine light information, battery levels and more.

The Verizon Hum is completely free, but here is a $14.99 per month charge that is required but is much cheaper than OnStar’s $20 – $35 plans. In addition to the $15 per month charge, you must signup for a two-year contract which helps cover the costs of the equipment that is provided.

The Hum works with a smartphone App to provide you the best data about your car and its always available. However, unlike OnStar you can’t unlock your vehicle remotely if you end up locking your keys in the car. There is also the lack of concierge service with the Hum which OnStar does provide for a higher monthly fee.

The service charge for Verizon’s Hum is currently a separate bill and we would like to see combined cellular and hum billing and perhaps some sort of discount for existing Verizon Wireless service? We can only hope and dream.

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