How To Test If You Are A Mobile Phone Addict

Based on new research by Flurry Insights, U.S. consumers spend on AVERAGE three hours and forty minutes each and every day on their mobile devices which is a 35% increase over 2014.

The 59% in growth of Mobile Addicts illustrates the shift from desktops and even tablets to phablets and smart phones that are capable of doing everything most Americans need to keep up with trends, finances, news, and social endeavors.

From Q2 2014 to Q2 2015, the total population of smart devices measured by Flurry grew from 1.3B to 1.8B, a 38% year over year growth. Regular Users, consumers who use apps between once and 16 times daily, grew from 784 million to 985 million in the same period, a 25% increase. Super Users, consumers who use apps between 16 and 60 times daily, grew even more in that same period from 440 million to 590 million, a 34% increase.

Where does the mobile addict spend the majority of their time? Yup, you guessed it messaging and social networks.

So how do you know or test to see if you are mobile addict? Well, do you spend three hours a day or more on your mobile devices? If you do, you are a mobile addict. Do you watch TV with your smart phone in hand? If you do, you are a mobile addict. Do you keep your mobile phone close by while eating dinner with the family? Then you are definitely a mobile addict.

The mobile technology market is vastly changing and evolving around us. We’ll continue to see improvements with mobile hardware, mobile applications, and tighter integration of mobile technology with our everyday lives. The real question is, will you let it control you?

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