Misfit Flash Link $20 Fitness Tracker Review

Misfit Fitness Tracker Conclusion
The Misfit Link is a great little fitness tracker for someone looking to get the basics out of a fitness tracker, steps and sleep patterns. It seems to work well with calculating steps but isn’t 100% accurate and the sleep tracking left us wondering if it was actually working as well as it should. Overall for $20 bucks, you aren’t going to find anything as good as the Misfit Link and definitely not the “smart button” controls that the Misfit Link also provides. We found the button to be handy for a lot of things and we liked the fact that you can tap it once, twice, or three times to control different functions but we still wish you could do more with the Misfit application. Perhaps we’ll see an update of the app from Misfit which gives us more control and the ability to control more functions or applications in the future.

Misfit Flash Link All Lights On

Another feature that we liked with the Misfit Link is that its waterproof and safe for swimmers to use without worrying about it getting wet. It also features a non-rechargeable battery which in our opinion is good, since the battery lasts for 6 months of regular use. If you purchase the Misfit Link and you find that you prefer to have it on your wrist, you can always purchase the wristband which makes the total price the same as the Misfit Flash.

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Special thanks to Misfit for allowing us to review the Misfit Link! You can find more details and can purchase the Misfit Link directly from their web site.

Misfit Flash Link $20 Fitness Tracker Review Reviewed byJames Anderson on . Rating: 3.9

Misfit Fitness Tracker

Functionality 76%
Battery Life 91%
Ease of Use 70%
iOS Application 73%
78% Not Bad..

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