Misfit Flash Link $20 Fitness Tracker Review

Misfit Link App Configurations and Usability
There are two applications that can be used to control the Misfit Link, the Link app and Misfit app. The Misfit Link app is more geared towards the button functionality and the Misfit app  is geared towards the fitness side of the Flash but also includes some button functionality. Unfortunately, you cannot have the Misfit Link synchronized with both apps at one time. I wish Misfit would have combined the apps into one.

Below is a complete walk-thru of both applications on the iOS platform.

If you aren’t into watching videos, let me walk you through some of the basics. The Misfit app allows you to track your sleep and steps over the course of a day, week, or month. They include pretty graphs that show your progress over time.

Misfit Fitness Tracking Graph

I found the sleep tracker only to work okay. I never found any case when I was testing that the “awake” time had ever calculate anything. I would have figured, when I got up in the middle of the night to grab some water that the awake time would have registered, but it was always at 0 mins. Flash will automatically detect when you go to sleep and wake up without you having to do anything which is nice, but it’s not 100% accurate. I found that it detected that I was awake 25-30mins before I actually woke up and got out of bed. There is a way to click a button when you are going to sleep and waking up, this might prove to be a better way to track your sleep and in my tests, it did much better than the auto sleep option (which can’t be disabled by the way).

Misfit Sleep Tracking

Misfit app also includes a social area where you can join in and compete with friends and family members whom also have Misfit fitness tracking products.

One thing you don’t need to worry about with the Misfit Flash Link is charging it. There is no rechargeable battery, instead a coin battery that lasts up to six months of standard use.

As for the button features, I did enjoy the ability to press the button to control my Spotify, but unfortunately that’s the only music app that you can control with the Misfit app. You’ll need to switch over to the Misfit Link app to control your music on your iPhone outside of Spotify. Sadly, if you switch to the Misfit link app, you loose all of the fitness options and graphs that are in the Misfit app, bummer.

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