Misfit Flash Link $20 Fitness Tracker Review

Unboxing The Misfit Flash Link Fitness Tracker
The front packaging clearly shows what the FlashLink looks like but also clearly indicates that its a Smart button and only in smaller print do you discover that its also an activity tracker as well among other things.

Misfit Flash Link Fitness Tracker
Misfit Flash Link Fitness Tracker

The back of the box shows how it works, how you can utilize it to control multiple applications with the smart button and also how it can be clipped just about anywhere on you for tracking purposes.

Misfit Flash Link Smart Button Box
Misfit Flash Link Smart Button Box

The box was very easy to open, kudos to Misfit for hassle-free packaging! In the package you’ll find minimal things, well actually you’ll only find two things; the Misfit Flash Link fitness tracker and the instructions on how to use it. The clip is already attached to the Misfit Flash Link so no need to worry about that.


Here is a side view of what the Misfit Flash Link looks like. The clip is all plastic and seems to be secure enough that you won’t worry about it falling off while running or swimming. Yes, it’s waterproof up to 30 meters provided that the back cover is securely attached. I’ll be testing this later this week when I go swim.


So what does the Flash Link compare to in size? Well, it’s small and the circular part (the Flash Link itself) is about the size of a quarter. Here is what it looks like up against our KeySmart that we reviewed a while back. As you can see, it’s very small in size and should fit just about anywhere on your body.


Read on to the next page and we’ll take a look at how to get the Misfit Flash Link up and running with the Misfit apps!

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