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Wrap up and Conclusion of Jumping Sumo
To sum up the Jumping Sumo in one word would most definitely be FUN! This little drone rover from Parrot will definitely bring the kid out in you and will most definitely put a smile on your face. It’s a fast rover-based drone that is capable of shooting both video and photos. The Parrot App that gives you virtual controls on your mobile phone or tablet makes it very easy to control, gives you first person video, and has tons of extras like animations and more.

Some of the things that we did like was the form factor, having the ability to adjust the wheels in or out was a nice feature especially for small indoor areas. We generally left the wheels in extended mode and didn’t have any problems navigating around. The sound effects were also a nice touch that kids will really love, especially the ability to adjust the volume or the three different sound modes. Being able to record video and photos was a big positive as was the first person video which enables stealthy sneaking around corners or go into places that you can’t physically see the rover. What really sold me on the jumping Sumo was the app for the iPhone. The app gives you all of your virtual controls, features, settings, and everything in one place. No need to keep replacing batteries in some outdated controller or forgetting where you left your controller.

Another nice feature of the Parrot Jumping Sumo was the battery life. We got around 15 minutes of “hard play” out of the batteries and this was running the rover wide open in speed and jumping around quite a bit. We got closer to 20 minute of “normal play” when we jumped less and took it easier on the throttle. The only downside of the battery is a 90 min charge time so you’ll definitely want to pickup an extra battery or two.

There weren’t a lot of negatives with the Jumping Sumo. We were very pleased with the way it handled, how responsive it was via the virtual controller, and the jumping feature seemed to work good for us. We did have a couple of times when we were attempting running starts for jumps and would hit an object in front of us and the jumping feature made some loud noises and end up in a failed jump. So it takes a bit of timing to get a rolling jump to work. Maybe a way to fix this would be to have a rolling jump button on the controller which rolls it forward a pre-determined distance like 3 feet and it would jump up at that time. I think this would make it a bit easier to get on top of things.

Another thing that we did run across was the WiFi connection not always connecting well for us. At my location I have home WiFi and its a saved setting on my iPhone. When attempting to connect and stay connected with my Jumping Sumo, I found it easier to go into the WiFi settings and “Forget” my WiFi network so it never connects automatically. Something to keep in mind, if you experience similar issues.

Like with our other drone reviews, we like to include replacement part costs as we all know drones WILL break, it’s only a matter of time. Here are some of the parts we found on Parrot’s web site that can be purchased;

$39.99 Camera and Body
$29.99 Extra Battery and External Charger
$14.99 Rubbers Pack and Screws
$ 2.99 Upper Body

The one item that I would have like to seen on their site that could be bought is the jumping mechanism which I’m betting will go out eventually. You will need to lean on the support team of Parrot if you require further parts that you are not able to purchase from their web site.

The Parrot Jumping Sumo is priced at $159.99 so it’s not a cheap toy but it’s definitely one that you want to put on the Christmas list. The Jumping Sumo has enough wow factor that’s sure to put a smile on your child’s face this Holiday Season. A huge thanks to Parrot for giving us the opportunity to take a look at this drone. You can take a closer look at the Jumping Sumo with TONS of video demonstrations and more at their web site,

Parrot Jumping Sumo MiniDrone Rover Review Reviewed byJames Anderson on . Buy Now at Discount! Rating: 4.55

Parrot Jumping Sumo Drone

Video Recording 86%
Picture Taking 82%
Easy of Use 95%
Remote Functionality 92%
iOS App Features 98%
91% Very Good!
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