Parrot Jumping Sumo MiniDrone Rover Review

Unboxing The Jumping Sumo
The rear of the box illustrates all of the fun cool things that the Jumping Sumo can do such as auto-balance, jump up to 80CM or even jump across 80CM, and spin in 90, 180 or 360 degrees.


The side of the box goes over some of the functions of the drone and also some of the features like the jumping system and adjustable wheels!parrot_jumping_sumo_side_box

Upon opening the box you’ll find your stickers on the top lid which allows for you to customize the look of your Jumping Sumo and in the bottom of the box you’ll find your Jumping Sumo along with the battery and other items to start speeding around with your new rover.


Below is what we found in our box; two rubber feet, battery, manual, micro USB charging cable and the Jumping Sumo rover himself!


The Jumping Sumo is just over 7 inches in width with the wheels extended but can go down to 5.6 inches when they are collapsed. It has a nice look to it and I love the auto-balancing ability that it has as well. On top of the drone you’ll find the micro USB port, used for charging the battery when the battery is plugged into your rover. The tires are really lightweight and made of foam so they should be fairly durable, especially indoors.


Also on the front, you’ll find the video camera which provides a real-time video feed directly to your smartphone or tablet device. There are also a couple of LED lights on the camera which almost look like eyes.


On the backside of the Jumping Sumo we find the battery slot where the rechargeable LiPo battery slides in. It takes about 90 minutes for the battery to recharge and will give you about 20 minutes of jumping, rovering, spinning, and speeding fun.


The Jumping Sumo appears to be made mostly of lightweight plastic and also foam for the wheels. How well will it hold up to the jumping abuse and drops from above? Read on and lets find out during our drone testing!

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