AdTrap Whole Network Ad Blocking Appliance Review

Conclusion and Wrap-up Of AdTrap
When I first installed the AdTrap I was quickly impressed by how easy it was to begin blocking the ads across all of my networked devices, it truly was as easy as plugging it in! I also really loved the ability to block advertisements not only on my desktops, but also all of my mobile devices, Smart TV, XBox, and anything else that’s capable of using my home network. Until iOS 9 hits, the ability to block ads on the iPhone has been nearly impossible but AdTrap takes care of this automatically for you along with other smartphone OS’s.

When I was testing the functionality of the AdTrap, I began to get a bit discouraged at how underdeveloped the AdTrap appeared to be. While it’s still a very new product, there still seems to be a lot of bugs and issues to be worked out. The certificate error with the white-listed sites is one of the major issues as well as the reporting and Ad Visualizer feature that I never even saw work. The performance of the AdTrap isn’t bad at all as some others have complained about, only when you compare it to Adblock does it seem to look under performing. However, Adtrap gives you whole network ad blocking and AdBlock or similar products only work on a single web browser.

A few functional features should be added to the AdTrap interface such as the ability to turn on and off the AdTrap without having to manually do this either by removing it from your network or via the Privproxy (backdoor method). Also, it would be nice if there was a way to whitelist a site and all of the ads on that site be allowed and displayed properly. It would also be beneficial to have the ability to exclude an IP or device from your network from going through the AdTrap filtering. Then the ultimate request, is to have the AdTrap perform deep packet inspection and injection to perform similar to Adblock so that where advertisements appear on a web page cannot be seen as a blank spot but rather more seamless and unnoticeable.

While it may seem like there are a lot of negatives to the AdTrap, I still like the product and will continue to utilize it within my home network. I just hope they can improve upon it as time goes on and potentially add some of these new features and fix some of the existing problems. Priced currently at $129, it’s not cheap but it’s definitely worth every penny if you hate ads and want to have a completely ad free home!

AdTrap Whole Network Ad Blocking Appliance Review Reviewed byJames Anderson on . Buy Now at Discount! Rating: 3.8

AdTrap Ad Blocking Appliance

Ad Blocking 87%
Fine Detail Configuring 70%
Whitelisting 65%
Blacklisting 90%
Overall Features 75%
Overall Performance 71%
76% Needs Improvement!
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