AdTrap Whole Network Ad Blocking Appliance Review

Introduction of AdTrap
Internet ads are all around us from our video streams, to our social media pages, and also on our favorite web sites that we visit. There has been ways to combat internet advertising with using browser-based ad blockers or even more sophisticated proxies which require a lot of work to setup and maintain. While these methods have worked well for most, users are continuing to find challenges with blocking ads via mobile phones, tablets, and other devices that may be connected to the Internet. Until now, there hasn’t be an easy way to combat advertising on these devices and your whole home network for that matter.

Today, we are taking a look at AdTrap, a Kickstarter funded project that has taken the ad blocking to a whole new level! Ad Trap is a small network appliance that stops advertisements dead in their tracks even before they hit your device on your network. Not only does Ad Trap block ads on your desktops and laptops, it also prevents ads from being displayed on your mobile phones and tablets or any other device running on your network which may be subject to internet advertising.

We are are going take a first hand look at AdTrap to see how easy it to install, configure and maintain.

Specifications of AdTrap

• Model: AT1000 H/W: v2.0

• Power Supply;

Input: 100-240v-50/60 Hz @0.5A

Output: DC 5v @3A

Input Size: 5.5mm

 • Up to 350 Megabits per second (350 MB/s) Bandwidth

• 2x Gigabit Ethernet Ports

• Weight  7 oz  (198 g)

• Device dimensions:

5.58 in x 3.90 in x 0.82 in

141.732 mm x  99.06 mm x  20.828 mm


• Automatically stays updated as advertisers change their ad schemes

• Works with ANY Internet browser

• Protects your privacy, prevents tracking and profiling techniques used by advertisers

• Blocks advertisements from music and video streams, mobile apps and web pages

Continue on to the next page and we’ll unbox the AdTrap and get it up and running!

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