Samsung PM1633A 16TB Solid State Hard Drive Breaks Record

Samsung has unveiled the world’s biggest solid-state hard drive at nearly 16TB of storage that is capable of storing up to 15.36 terabytes of data.

The huge 16TB drive is in 2.5-inch form factor, making it capable to be installed into laptops. The previous world record holders for having the largest drives was the 8TB Seagate and the 10TB HGST recently unveiled as well.

As far as the capacity, you could theoretically hold over 4 million photos, 3.5 million MP3’s, or about 3,500 full HD video movies. The real reason to have a 16TB hard drive? For storing 4K movies which can be around 100GB in size, easily. You’d be able to only store around 150 4K movies on this drive.

No pricing information has been announced for the Samsung PM1633a 16TB hard drive but I’m sure I won’t be able to afford it when it hits the market like most people.

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