Kuna Smart Home Security Light with Video Intercom Review

Wrap-up and Conclusion
Kuna is an attractive light kit that you wouldn’t mind having on your house and is available in three different styles; Craftsman, Traditional and Contemporary. Kuna also sells a matching light fixture (dummy light) which does not have the camera and intercom but does allow for you to control the light. The setup and installation of the Kuna was a complete walk in the park. With just a few basic tools like a screw driver, you can remove your old lighting kit from an existing exterior wall and install the new Kuna light in its place using all of the existing wiring. It literally took me about 16 minutes to remove my old light and install the new Kuna light.

The Kuna app for iOS and Android makes  setting up the initial camera very easy as well too. I love the thought process and engineering that went into the Kuna having both Bluetooth support for initially getting the Camera talking to your smartphone for configuration but also having WiFi for its routine method of communicating both with your smartphones and with the cloud for updates and storage of recorded videos. The initial live video takes a few seconds to begin streaming once you click on it but once its up, it seems responsive and smooth. I do wish the software (app) was a bit more customizable like having the ability to send custom pre-recorded messages to the speaker would be a nice feature and also the ability to sync with smart home hubs (being worked on by Kuna).

The motion detection works great and alerts that are immediately sent to your smartphone (with a door bell chime) I also found to be a great and invaluable feature. I found that I would often get the alert to my phone via Kuna well before someone could even push the doorbell. So I was already looking at the person live on the feed when the door bell rings, which I really like!

As far as updates to the Kuna hardware itself, the company is continually improving and adding new features both to the hardware’s software (firmware) and also the App. The firmware update process was very smooth and easy to perform but I do wish there was an automated means of keeping the camera up to date.

Kuna comes with a 1 year warranty and they also offer a 30-day money back guarantee so if you don’t like or it doesn’t work well for you, simply return it within 30 days. The subscriptions available for Kuna is the cloud recording plans but there is also a free plan which won’t cost you as dime! The free plan allows unlimited recordings but they are only stored up to 2 hours and you can only download 3 per month. Beginning at $4.99 per month or $49.99 a year, you can have the recording stored for 7 days, with unlimited recordings and unlimited downloads and this pricing is per camera. For $9.99 per month or $99.99 a year you can store recordings for 14 days, with unlimited recordings and unlimited downloads but it also covers up to 4 cameras. Their largest tier package is $19.99 per month and $199.99 a year which gives you 30 days of stored recordings, unlimited recordings, and unlimited downloads for up to 8 cameras.

The subscription model is definitely cost effective and in my opinion is definitely needed. Having the timeline of events is one of  my favorite features of the Kuna and not having to worry about viewing the recordings within 2 hours definitely gives me peace of mind. It’s also nice that they allow multiple cameras to take advantage of the same plan without having to purchase a separate subscription for multiple cameras.

During our bandwidth testing we found the Kuna used at most 290Kb/sec when viewing the live feed from our smartphone. So you need to plan for allowing at least this much traffic when viewing over your network but also that much for viewing over your Internet connection as well, when you are away from home. During our technical testing we also found that it appears that they are using OpenVPN for securing its communications with the cloud.

Overall I think the Kuna is a fantastic product that is continuing to be upgraded and improved upon and I think the Kuna should be a required addition to any home! With its ability to alert you of visitors (or intruders) before the even knock on the door, makes it a worth wild security upgrade that you never knew you needed. Now with Kuna you can freely travel the world while still maintaining a presence at home to defer potential intruders while you are away.

We are so proud of the Kuna that we are giving it our Geek Inspector Seal of Approval! Congrats Kuna! You can purchase Kuna now at a GREAT price and with free shipping at Amazon.com.


Kuna Smart Home Security Light with Video Intercom Review Reviewed byJames Anderson on . Buy Now at Discount! geek_inspector_approved Rating: 4.75

Kuna WiFi Security Light and Camera

Ease of Setup 94%
Features 98%
Video Quality 99%
Voice Quality 100%
Smart Home Integration 84%
95% Excellent!
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