Kuna Smart Home Security Light with Video Intercom Review

Software and Testing of Kuna
After physically installing your Kuna security light its time to sync up and start configuring it. The Kuna was VERY easy to setup and get going. The first thing to do is download the iOS or Android Kuna app to your smartphone. Once installed, launch it and ensure you have Bluetooth turned on as it will initially connect to your Kuna via Bluetooth technology. The Kuna software will search for your camera, just make sure you have your light switched turned in the ON position.


Once it scans for your camera, you simply select the New Kuna 1 camera that you had just installed and it will attempt to connect to it for configuration and setup.


After the app has connected, you will be asked to name your camera, select your timezone, WiFi network and password for it. Since my camera was installed on the side door of our house, I called mine Side Door.


Once you are ready for your camera to be setup with the configured parameters, you click on the Set Up Camera button and it makes the changes. Once completed, the app will let you know that your camera was setup successfully and should be online soon. It took mine about 45 seconds to become “online” after completing this setup.


One of the first things that I went to look at was the camera settings to see what all could be configured. Upon entering the camera settings, I saw a notification at the bottom indicating that there was a firmware update available for my camera so immediately upgraded to the latest version. It had appeared that the camera automatically had the update downloaded and staged for install, because the process was very fast. It only took a minute or two for the update to complete and for the camera to be back online.


Now, back to the configuration screen for an individual camera. You have the following settings that can be configured, Light Schedule, Motion Sensitivity, and Speaker Volume.

To really give you a great idea of the Kuna iPhone App and how to navigate around in it, take a look at our video illustrating the ease of operating the Kuna app.

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