Kuna Smart Home Security Light with Video Intercom Review

Introduction of Kuna
Based on an FBI crime report, one in every thirty-six homes in the United States is expected to be burglarized this year and each burglar averages out to about $2,200 worth of stolen property which represents $4.7 billion in total properly losses across the United States. While the financial loss is definitely prudent, the longer term psychological effects can be greater.

So how does one prevent a break-in? Well, for starters you could install a fancy security system which can sound off an alarm or call the police WHEN your house is broken into. Your other option is to install a Kuna, which can keep the burglars outside your home without ever testing to see if you have a security system.

How does Kuna work? It works by engaging burglars while they are still outside, deterring them from ever even reaching for the door knob to see if its open or to force their way in. Kuna hides in plain sight as a decorative light fixture but with some very special technologies built-in. For one, it has a camera which you can view in real-time but not only does it have a camera it also has a mic which allows for you to listen to someone that may have just walked up to your front door. What’s even more is that there is two-way communications by using the Kuna app on your smart phone, you can talk back directly to the person at your front-door.

So now that you have a small idea of what Kuna is, let’s dive deeper into the review of how Kuna works to keep burglar at bay, allowing you to keep an eye on your home while away from home but also record who’s coming and who’s going while you are away.

Kuna WiFi Smart Light with HD Video and Intercom
Kuna WiFi Smart Light with HD Video and Intercom

Specifications of Kuna

  • Multiple Kuna Lights Supported
  • 720P HD Video Resolution
  • 116° Viewing Angle
  • Control Lighting Remotely
  • Talk through the built-in speaker
  • Sound an alarm
  • Detects Motion and Alerts you
  • Available in three different styles
  • Available in two different colors
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