MasterCard Testing Facial Recognition App for Smartphones

MasterCard Testing Facial Recognition App for Smartphones

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MasterCard is piloting a new facial recognition app for smartphones which would allow customers to verify purchases.

Similar to how you may use your fingerprint to verify and approve a purchase, with the new MasterCard App you can hold your phone up to your face as if taking a selfie and the application will approve or deny based on the recognition.

MasterCard Facial ID is being explored as an alternative to MasterCard SecureCode already in place today which allows customers to verify purchases made online.

Currently the Mastercard Facial App trial involves some 500 users in the United States, mostly MasterCard employee’s. While the facial recognition technology is slammed by many experts as being unsecure, especially when compared to other biometric technologies and especially PIN + Password verification systems. The convenience factor is definitely a plus but previous facial recognition application over time has proved to be too insecure, especially in the financial sector.

In addition to facial recognition, Mastercard is also playing with other recognition technologies such as voice identification and heartbeat recognition (perhaps Apple Watch?).

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