Comcast Double Internet Speeds and Provides WiFi for Low-Income Families

Right on the heels of Comcast expanding from 1GB Internet service to 2GB Internet service and unveiling 10GB Internet service most recently, the company is also now doubling the speeds and offering free WiFi for their Internet Essentials customers.

Internet Essentials provides low-income family’s with 5 Mbps, now 10 Mbps, of internet service for only $9.95 per month. They are also now providing a free Wi-Fi router so that the entire family can share the Internet service at home.

Another big change to the Internet Essentials service is the requirements required to receive it. Previously it required families to have at least one child eligible for the National School Lunch Program but now a family may receive it if the school in which their child attends has at least half of the student eligible for the lunch program.

We have made real and measurable progress in closing the digital divide in America over the past four years. Through the end of July 2015, we have connected more than 500,000 low-income families, or more than 2 million Americans, to the power of the Internet in their homes.

Comcast had said in its blog post today.

To put that in perspective, 2 million is larger than the populations of 96 of America’s 100 largest cities, as well as the populations of 14 states, including Nebraska, West Virginia, and Idaho. And it is multiple orders of magnitude greater than the impact of all other private sector low-income broadband adoption programs combined.

You can find out more at the Internet Essentials web site.

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