KeySmart Key Organizer Review

KeySmart Key Organizer Review

After using the KeySmart for several days, I’ve found it to be the hands down best way for me to carry my little amount of keys that I own. I loved not hearing the rattle of keys, which is good if you have small children sleeping and you do not want to wake them in the middle of the night. I also loved the slim profile which got rid of the bulk in my pocket along with getting poked and scratched sometimes on occasion, especially with gym shorts.

The KeySmart is very well made, made in the USA, and is affordable starting at about $20 bucks for a 4 key solution and only goes up a couple bucks as you add six additional key options. I also really love the ability to “build” a KeySmart the way you want it. They are fairly customizable and you can order exactly what you want. The installation process is straightforward, fairly easy to do and its very easy to swap keys out or add new ones.

For us geeks, the USB drive is actually a fantastic addition to our key ring, oh I meant KeySmart! That way, we always have access to data and have the ability to save off files. This can especially be useful for computer technicians or even for that family IT guy that is always needing to load up AV, anti-spyware, or some other tool to fix your family members computers ūüôā

Whether you know it or not, you are definitely in the market for one of these as you won’t know what its like until you have one! We highly recommend the KeySmart and will definitely be watching this company for future iterations of this product and perhaps others.

You can purchase a KeySmart at and you can even use coupon code NOBULK15 to get 15% off of your order, making this a fantastic deal! Special thanks to KeySmart for allowing us to review this product!


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