Amazon Dash Buttons Available Now, So You’ll Never Run Out!

Amazon has made available its new Dash Buttons for their Prime Members so you can easily buy refills or repurchase a product with a single click of the button, from anywhere in your house.

The one-tech button instantly and wirelessly connects to Amazon to order the product for you when you run out or just before you do. You’ll receive an email confirmation for every order so its easy to cancel an order if you need to.

There are currently 18 buttons available for different products ranging from Kraft, Tide, Bounty, Gatorade, and even Maxwell House coffee. Each button will cost you $5.

How do they work? Their battery-powered and connect over your existing home Wi-Fi. You can configure the buttons and how large the re-order should be on the Amazon web site. Think your kids might just press them a hundred times? Amazon says you can cancel your order after seeing the confirmation email and the button will not “reactivate” for use until your product has arrived to your home.

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