Yahoo LiveText Debuts As Video Chat with Text Messaging

What if a friend sends you a video call but you can’t hear them and you must read their texts scrolling on the screen to understand what they are saying? Well, as odd as it may sound – that’s exactly what Yahoo’s wanting you to do with its new Livetext App.

LiveText is described as “live video texting” which combines live video and texting. It’s similar to Periscope where you see a live feed but then overlaid on top of the video is text messages typed in real-time. Unlike Periscope, Livetext is only one on one and it will only begin once both parties have accepted the chat session.

LiveText actually was available in some other countries earlier this month but has just now become available in other countries today. The app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play store.

Will this new messaging app take off? It’s hard to say but since it requires one on one chat sessions, it might be hard to strike up a conversation with a friend if they have not yet downloaded the app. It may have served Yahoo better by operating more like Periscope and allowing anyone to view a live stream but also have the option of 1 on 1 chatting if so desired.

Apple App Store: Download
Google Play Store: Download

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