Technolamp WiFi LED Strip Lighting Set Review

Technolamp WiFi LED Strip Lighting Set Review

Installation and Usability
Before beginning the installation you must do a bit of pre-work. You’ll need a small screwdriver for one, which will be used to install the LED strip wiring into the contacts on the WiFi Controller unit. I found no instructions with my LED Strip Lighting kit, which could have been because it was a review sample but definitely something you’ll need as you do not know how to wire the LED lighting to the LED WiFi controller without them. I wish the wires of the strip lighting were labeled as well as the LED wifi controller so that instructions were not needed for most individuals.

With lack of instructions included, I headed over to the Technolamp web site and was quickly able to find a PDF with the wiring information.

After wiring the strip lighting to the controller, I tested the lights by plugging in the power adapter to the WiFi controller and the plug to the AC wall outlet. The lights immediately came on.

I first had plans to install this LED strip lighting under the porch railing on our back porch but later decided to move it indoors to the kitchen. The LED strip lighting is waterproof and is certified for outdoor use, so if you do plan to utilize it outdoors you can do so.

Like with the other Technolamp WiFi products, they all connect to the same WiFi controller remote as shown below. To have our new LED WiFi strip lighting “pair” with the remote, we had to turn off the WiFi Strip kit by unplugging it from the wall for 15 seconds and then allow the WiFi remote pair with it on initially plugging the LED kit back into the wall.


As we went over in our previous Technolamp WiFi LED Bulb review, the 2.4GHz WiFi remote controller has several buttons on it to control the on/off power of different groups or zones of lighting, change the variations of the color of the lighting, and also to change the brightness of the lighting.

WiFi Remote Settings
WiFi Remote Settings

The Technolamp LED Strip Lighting Kit does not include this remote, so you must purchase one separately for around $6 bucks if you do not already have one from another kit.

Now, on to the installation of the strip lighting! Within our home we have one counter within our kitchen that has poor lighting and we thought installing the Technolamp WiFi LED lighting underneath the cabinet would help with the poor lighting, and it most certainly did!

Technolamp LED WiFi Lighting Installed Underneath Counter
Technolamp LED WiFi Lighting Installed Underneath Counter

As you can see, the lighting is a great visual appeal and also provides tons of lighting, even when the brightness is not turned up to the max. To give you a better idea of how the lighting looks under different brightness or temperature levels, check out the short video demo below.

One last note about the installation. If you require a shorter length lighting strip, you can cut the lighting strip to fit any space! There are marked areas along the lighting strip informing you of where you may cut. I’m sure with a bit of soldering and a little know how, you could also re-utilize the cut piece of lighting and tie it back into the WiFi Controller 😉

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