Nintendo to Shutdown TV Guide Service, TVii in August

Being shutdown like it’s almost never been used, and that’s probably an accurate statement, is Nintendo’s TV Guide service called Nintendo TVii. Beginning August 11th, the TV guide service will be shutdown for its Wii U gaming console.

The failure on Nintendo’s part to make its way into the living room as the single media device never took off the ground with consumers.

“We are deeply thankful for all of the engagement and excitement our users have generated and enjoyed while using the service.” Nintendo said in a statement today.

“Even though the interactive, second screen experience of Nintendo TVii will be winding down, you can continue to watch your favorite shows and movies through the multiple Video on Demand applications on the Wii U console.”

The TV guide service had so many issues in Europe that Nintendo eventually just gave up on getting the service to work in countries that proved to hard to get off the ground. Will you miss the TV guide service provided by Nintendo? We barely new that it existed.

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