Yahoo’s Flickr Pro Service Is Back For Photo Sharing Site

After a two year hiatus, Flickr has brought back Flickr Pro – a premium service for hardcore photographers. The new service provides advance analytic’s, gives you a “Pro Badge”, no advertisements, and several other advanced features.

Yahoo revamped the Flickr service back in 2013 to get rid of the Flickr Pro service, offered a $50 per year ad-free version, and also announced it would give every user 1TB of free online storage.

The cost for the new Flickr Pro service is $5.99 per month or $49.99 a year. Any existing Flickr Pro users or Flickr Ad-Free subscribers will be upgraded automatically with no change in pricing.

Google just announced earlier this week that the Google+ Photos would be shutting down in favor of its new Google Photos service. There definitely seems to be a shake up in the online photo sharing market. Companies are catering to its users demands and giving them what they want in return for they get you for, marketing and online advertising.

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