AT&T Increases Activation/Upgrade Fee To $45

AT&T, just ahead merging with DirecTV, has announced that they will be increasing their upgrade/activation fee $45, the highest of all competitors.

AT&T last summer had already increased their upgrade/activation fee from $35 to $40, and only a year later is increasing it by another $5? Where is this trend going?

Comparing the top mobile providers we can see AT&T is definitely on top with charging its customers the most amount of money;

  • T-Mobile: FREE
  • Sprint: $36
  • Verizon: $40
  • AT&T: $45

AT&T Next customers which have not been charged activation and upgrade fee’s, will begin getting charged on August 1st going forward at $15 per upgrade. Upgrading before August 1st, will still remain $0 for these customers.

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