Google+ Photos Shutting Down August 1st

Google is shutting down its Google+ Photos service which will be replaced with Google Photos. The new Google Photos gives users an improved experience both on the desktop and on mobile devices and allows for easy archiving of photos for future reference.

The reason for the shift in photo names and platforms is due to the fact that less than 9% of its users of Google+ Photos ever posted publicly. Google+ is meant for public posting and seeing how this was never the case with uploaded photos to the service, Google plans to replace it with a more private way for archiving photos and sharing them with only people you want to see them.

Google Photos allow storage of up to 16 megapixels for photos and 1080p for video with anything larger being compressed. The amount of space that you are given? Unlimited. Yes, and all completely free – at least for now? Google had said “We want everyone to be able to backup and store a lifetime of memories” during a developer conference in May.

In the meantime while you “oogle” and aw over the new Google Photos, you better start moving your photos off of Google+ Photos as your account will shut down on August 1st.

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