Unlock DICE LA Team Uniform In Most Complex BF4 Easter Egg

BF4 Battlefield 4 Easter Egg

Probably one of the most clever, most detailed, and hardest to solve Easter eggs in a game was recently discovered in Battlefield 4’s new Dragon Valley map. The Easter Egg requires a massive complex multi-step Morse code deciphering Belorussian hidden messages with hidden objects needing to be found all while leading you back to the Morse code once again where you then must perform some complex audio editing outside of the game to decipher the last message into a code where you get your final Belorussian Morse code message.

What do you get for your efforts? A special camo uniform unlock, the DICE Los Angeles Team camo which is typically only available to the DICE LA Team can be yours if you are willing to go through the lengthy trouble of completing the Easter Egg mission.

What’s more, you cannot simply skip a step as it involves special codes that must be entered and they are player specific. Every player has a unique code to unlock the uniform and you must go through the entire process successfully to obtain it.

The video on how to unlock the DICE LA Team uniform;

Ready to unlock yours? Good Luck! Let us know if you are able to successfully complete the Easter Egg. Even with video guidance, it’s going to be a difficult task.

This isn’t the first Battlefield series Easter Egg to be found but is certainly the most complex and challenging to complete. We will be interested to know what fun Easter Eggs Battlefield 5 will have!

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