The Nest Smart Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation Review

Nest Smart Thermostat Review

Nest 3rd Generation Thermostat, The Best Thermostat Available?

Could the Nest Smart Learning 3rd Generation Thermostat be the best on the market? Sure it could. Could it be improved? Absolutely it could. I don’t think there is a product on the market that you can say without a doubt that there is nothing to be improved upon and the Nest Thermostat is not exception to this. I will say that the Nest far exceeded my own expectations greatly and I think it’s probably one of the best thermostats that you can buy today. The display is very vibrant and clear, the navigation and menu system is easy to use and understand and all of its smart sense technology features really seem to improve comfort in the home while also saving you valuable money in your pocket!

As far as improvements to the software, I would like to see the ability for the Far Sight to be configured so that the room temperature is displayed rather than the target temperature. I would also like to have the ability to display either the cooling target temp or the heating target temp on the display in FarSight when both heat/cool are configured. Perhaps there could be an “auto setting” which would sense what type of system would be used next, either heat or cool, and it could display this  based on knowing what will happen next.

One feature that is lacking from the Nest that some other smart thermostats have, is remote sensors. Remote sensors give a thermostat the ability to understand the temperatures on the other end of the house or help average out the home temperature. For example, maybe it gets hotter in your front room but not so hot in the back of the house where your thermostat is located. With remote sensors, the thermostat can understand these variations in temperatures and compensate for it when needed.

Could the Nest take advantage of this if they supported them? Sure they could. Is it needed? I’m not entirely sure. I think where it could be very beneficial is in rooms where you have smart vents that can be opened and close based on temperature settings that you set. A thermostat could use these remote sensors and then tell certain vents to open or close based on the cooling or heating needs. Again, this probably isn’t needed by most and we are talking about several hundreds of dollars to make something like this possible in a home. However, I feel remote sensors is something Nest could add to their thermostat and perhaps something we could see in the Nest 4th Generation Smart Learning Thermostat.

With this one missing feature aside, I felt the Nest Thermostat was a hit out of the park! From the installation process which was VERY simple and easy to perform to the configuration and getting the Nest working in my home – it all was very straight forward and I feel just about any homeowner could install one of these without any problems. A week to review the Nest really isn’t enough time to understand the savings involved by installing it, but I plan to update this review in a month and then again in six months once I have some energy bills coming in to compare against from last year.

The Nest Thermostat is priced at $249 from who also sells many other Nest products and smart home products I might add. As always, you’ll receive free shipping on your order over $49 bucks and you’ll have backing up the product with their excellent customer service!

Not only that but has over 135 products listed under the “Works with Nest” certification, one of the most than any other online store today. What’s even better? has rebates available for Nest Thermostat through over a dozen power companies and its built right into the buying experience on their web site. They don’t stop there, they even let you know if there are other discounts available when you purchase your Nest Thermostat via insurance companies or other entities that may provide a discount or rebate.

A special thanks to for their partnership with providing us the Nest Thermostat for this review. Please visit their web site if you plan to purchase a Nest Thermostat, you won’t be disappointed!

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The Nest Smart Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation Review Reviewed byJames Anderson on . Rating: 4.85

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Ease of Installation 100%
Ease of Configuration 94%
Smart Home Integration 91%
Features 98%
Usability 98%
Quality 100%
97% Outstanding Product Every Home Needs!

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