Elgato Avea Flare LED Bluetooth Mood Lighting

Conclusion of Elgato Avea Flare Mood Lighting

The mobile app needs a bit of work to be more rich in features, especially around the wake-up and scheduling aspects. A few tweaks here and there and a couple of added features will really go a long way to polishing the overall product. I would also like to see a QR Code added on the box, instruction manual, or even just a card with it on there to make finding the application in the App Store an even easier process. Again, a small change but would definitely go a long ways to ensuring customer satisfactions and ease of installing the application.

As far as the physical lamp itself, it’s very elegant and looks very appealing to the eye. The overall design works really well in just about any space, indoor or outdoor. I really love the base which provides wireless charging functionality which is a big pro in my book! There is also a clever hanging hook integrated in the bottom of the Flare which can be used to hang the Flare anywhere you desire. The IP65 rating gives the Flare enough water resistance that it can sit outside in the rain without any damage so you can easily turn your patio or porch space into a great entertainment space without worrying about the electronics getting harmed.

Finally, lets talk a bit about the price. You can pick up the Avea Flare for right around $100 USD which isn’t the most affordable but also not the most expensive either. I would love for the Flare to have integrated waterproof speakers within it as well, which would make it easy to listen to music or even synchronize music with the mood lighting. I found some mood lights with speakers, but the light itself was not as elegant and it lacked water resistance. So to have the best of both worlds, I’m looking to Elgato to produce such a device that is capable of both sound and lighting while retaining its water resistance.

If you’re looking for an elegant looking mood light, then look no further than the Avea Flare. Even with some lacked App abilities, I feel these lack of features can be easily added and improved upon and we will be looking to Elgato to do just that.

The Elgato Avea Flare can be purchased directly from Elgato and more information can be found at their web site.

Elgato Avea Flare LED Bluetooth Mood Lighting Reviewed byJames Anderson on . Rating: 4.3

Review Overview

App Features 66%
Light Features 88%
Ease of Use 96%
Quality of Construction 92%
86% Elegant Mood Light but App Could Use Improvement

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