Elgato Avea Flare LED Bluetooth Mood Lighting

Unboxing The Elgato Avea Flare

The front of the box illustrates the elegance of the Avea Flare portal mood light. It also shows the color ranges that the light is capable of handling, along with facts that its battery powered, has wireless charging, and is app enabled.


On the rear of the box there is a colorful graphic showing off the mood lighting along with different preset mood settings; Calm Providence, Cozy Flame, Cherry Blossom, Mountain Breeze, Caribbean Sea, Northern Glow, Fairy Woods, Magic Hour, Sunny Field, and also the Wake-up Light mode.


On one side of the box, it shows off the iOS application which is also available on Android as well. All of the connectivity happens over Bluetooth between your mobile device and the Avea Flare. There is not currently any integration currently available for the smart home hubs like Iris, Wink, Samsung SmartThings and WeMO. Samsung SmartThings will be enabling Bluetooth on their V2 hub soon and hopefully once they do we’ll see integration with the Avea product space.


Lastly, the opposite side of the box shows the remaining features like how its water resistant. This means you can take the Avea Flare outdoors and not worry about rain water damaging it. It however is not completely waterproof and therefore should never be used in a pool or underwater.


After opening the box, we found the following items inside. The Flare, a charging base which actually has contacts for wireless charging, AC adapter with plugs for all around the world, and a welcome guide.


The charging base has six rubber feet to help keep the base in place and secure. It also has the DC input plug that then connects to your AC outlet, all of this is “inset” into the base to keep the base flush and level with the surface it sits on.


On the very bottom of the Flare, you’ll find several things. First off, you’ll find the Power button and also a Mode button which we’ll learn about more on the next page. Also, in the very center you’ll see two metal rings. These rings come in contact with the charging base to provide wireless charging which in return makes the Avea Flare very portable! At anytime you feel the need to take the Flare with you, you can pick it up without having to worry about unplugging it. Also, when its time to charge it up again, just sit it on the base and it will immediately begin charging, it doesn’t get any easier than that!

Lastly, you’ll see a metal wire hook that allows for you to hang the Flare from a hook or other structure. This could be really handy, especially outdoors on a porch or pergola.


The AC plug is very adaptive, with a number of provided outlet options depending on the country you live in. The variety of plugs snap in and out of this AC adapter with ease. If you are a frequent traveler, you can also take the Flare with you knowing that you have an AC plug for any country you travel to!


Read on to the next page and we’ll show you how easy it to configure  your new Elgato Avea Flare mood light!

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