Schlage Connect Touchscreen Smart Z-Wave Deadbolt Lock

Schlage Connect Z-Wave Camelot Smart Deadbolt Lock Review

Installation of the Schlage Connect Touchscreen Z-Wave Deadbolt Lock

We will install the Schlage Camelot Touchscreen Connect door lock on our front door, probably like most consumers. The first step is to remove any existing deadbolt lock that you have today installed on your door. This typically requires only a Philips screwdriver.

schlage_zwave_touchscreen_lock_14Here is a view from the front of the door.

schlage_zwave_touchscreen_lock_13The first installation step is to insert the new cylinder as shown below.


The next step is to place the touchscreen portion of the lock on the front of the door. It can be helpful to have someone else hold it in place for you as you’ll next be placing pressure against it.


On the inside portion of the door, align the mounting plate and fasten it in place with the two provided screws. You will also need to feed the wire from the front touchscreen through the hole of the mounting plate.


Next plug the touchscreen wire into the back of the lock as shown below.


To ensure the wire does not get in the way of the locking mechanism you should route the wire down the side.


Next screw the final screws into the back of the housing to secure it to the mounting plate.

schlage_zwave_touchscreen_lock_6Here’s the center screw that needs to be fastened.

schlage_zwave_touchscreen_lock_5Here’s the top screw that should be fastened.


The batteries are located at the top behind the printed circuit board. The battery holder slides in and out for easy replacement.


Once you have the four AA batteries in the housing, you can slide the battery holder back in place and connect the battery terminals.


Here’s the final installation view from the inside of the door. Do not attempt to manually lock the door at this point. It should not work properly at this point in time as the manual states.


Read on to the next page and we’ll finish up the configurations!

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