FunLux 4 Channel HD Video sPoE NVR Security System

FunLux 4CH HD Video Security System - 1TB Network Video Recorder

Conclusion of FunLux HD PoE Video Security System

The FunLux 4 Channel 720P HD Camera system is a very affordable all-in-one video surveillance system for your home or business that gives you everything you need to setup a good video security system. The camera quality was better than I expected during the day and good at night but the infrared LED’s were a bit weak which means viewing things far away at night is lacking. The web browser based software definitely needs to be better and upgraded to today’s standards (HTML 5) as ActiveX is only supported on Internet Explorer and even Microsoft is trying to get rid of Internet Explorer and ActiveX in general.

Despite the older tech utilized in the web browser, once you are able to get in – it works pretty good. The iOS version of the software was much better than the browser, giving us the ability to remotely view the camera feeds but also allowing us to view recorded footage as well. The desktop software really stepped up and delivered where the mobile version and browser version lacked. I could configure every aspect of the NVR and cameras all from the desktop software, except format the hard drive. Where the desktop version lacked formatting the local OS version of the software delivered! The OS software was probably the best of all options giving us the speed we needed and all of the configuration options that we ever wanted.

As far as the installation goes for the FunLux HD camera system, it’s so easy I think any able homeowner could do it. Since the FunLux utilizes Power over Ethernet, you only need to run one single wire to each camera which definitely simplifies the installation process. It also makes it very easy to upgrade your camera’s later if you wanted.

The best part about this FunLux camera system is the price. It’s priced at $225 USD which is probably the best price I’ve ever seen for a DVR based camera system capable of HD and offering Power over Ethernet. Other similar priced products do not include the hard drive and at this price point you also receive a 1TB hard drive. You can buy the FunLux system directly from or get the best possible price at with free shipping! You can also read more about and purchase this FunLux security system on the FunLux 4 Channel PoE NVR System Product Page. Special thanks to for providing us this camera system to test and review!

FunLux Security System Update 1/12/2016 – Our neighborhood last night had a series of car break-in’s and the FunLux system used in this review was able to capture detailed information of the individuals responsible. I was able to burn the video footage easily for the police and they are now analyzing the footage and it will hopefully lead to an arrest. I’m very glad I had the FunLux system installed and even though they did not impact my life, by having the system recording and the motion detection analytical it helped my neighbor’s who were impacted by these crimes.

FunLux 4 Channel HD Video sPoE NVR Security System Reviewed byJames Anderson on . Rating: 4.25

Review Overview

NVR/DVR Hardware Features 93%
Camera Hardware Features 87%
Browser Based Software 61%
Desktop Based Software 88%
Mobile Based Software 74%
OS/Local Software 95%
Value 95%
85% Good camera system at a great price!

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