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FunLux 4CH HD Video Security System - 1TB Network Video Recorder

iOS Based Video Software For FunLux Camera System

Using Android or iOS will probably be one of the primary ways that consumers will access the FunLux camera system remotely, or even at home. You could be sitting on your back deck or in the pool and someone rings the door bell but you don’t know who’s there – you can easily pull up the Zviewer app on your iPhone to take a peek. Using a smart lock on your door – you could even unlock the door to let them in if you know who they are.

Perhaps you are on vacation and want to keep tabs on the pet, dog sitter, or just the home in general. The Zviewer app for FunLux is a perfect solution for this. You can even setup the app to alert you when there is motion seen. So let’s dig in and see what the app offers and how all of this works.


There are several ways to connect to your Funlux NVR and here are the options. I did the Search on LAN and it was found immediately.


On the main “List” tab you can view all four cameras at one time and then tap one of them to open it larger.


The general tab has your WiFi settings, and some other basic information that I did not really find very useful.


Not only can you view live camera feeds on the mobile app but you can also view recorded archived video footage as well. You first select the date you wish to pull the video from.


Then you are given a timeline that you can drag your finger across to pinpoint the time you are looking for. I found this process very easy but it took a few seconds for the video to start displaying after I found the time I wanted.


When viewing the live video feed you can also click the camera button at the bottom of even the record button to record video straight to your mobile device.


The pictures and recordings can be found under the Gallery tab within the application, just remember that this will take up space on your mobile phone.


Lastly, the other feature we found useful was the ability to share access to others.


Overall, the app does the basics of displaying the camera live feeds and also allowing you to browse through recorded videos. It definitely does not have all of the features that the desktop version has, but it gets the job done.

Read on to the next page and we’ll look at the FunLux OS (or local based video software)!

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