FunLux 4 Channel HD Video sPoE NVR Security System

FunLux 4CH HD Video Security System - 1TB Network Video Recorder

Web Browser Based Video Software For FunLux Camera System

The Web Browser based software solution works fairly well but it only works in Internet Explorer as it utilizes ActiveX to work. On Windows 10 PC’s, Internet Explorer is still found on the OS – just search for it in the Start Menu. You also need to point your web browser to your NVR IP, another good reason to make the NVR IP static. In Internet Explorer, you’ll need to add this IP to your “Trusted Sites” list in order for the ActiveX piece to download, install, and run.

Here’s what the login looks like, which is the same credentials as your ZViewer application for connecting to the NVR.


Once logged in, you’ll see your four cameras. You can’t resize the window houses the camera images in them.. so they are a bit distorted since they are in wide format and the image boxes for each channel is not. You can however double click an image channel to make it full screen which is nice. There are color controls at the bottom right and controls to move the camera but these camera’s do not support that so they do nothing.


On the recordings screen, you can search for dates, types, and channels (or all channels) for certain archived recordings. It also shows the size of each file. There is a feature that allows for you to right click a file, to download the video but I never could get this to work as it resulted in the error seen below.


The configuration screen gives us most all of the same features found in the PC version of Zviewer.


There is a storage section, but its empty – not finding the hard drive.


Again, like the PC Zviewer you can also modify I/O alarms if that’s something you are interested in.


You also have your time, user management, maintenance and even web-based software updates found here.


The web browser software is only okay, and I will probably never use it. The lack of support of other browsers and the additional features that do not work like the storage option really does not provide enough function for me to utilize it. It is a decent PC-based alternative if you are going to access the camera system remotely but do not want to install software on a PC.

Read on to the next page and we’ll look at the iOS version of Zviewer and the features that it provides us!

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