T-Mobile Offering Great Deal on Family Plans

Carriers are heating up the wars on phone plans which are sure to only help the consumer pay less for phone services. T-Mobile announced today that they are offering a family of four a total of 40Gigs worth of data, unlimited talk, unlimited text, along with free international data roaming and free music streaming for only $120 per month!

The Simple Choice Shared plans will get each phone line 10GB worth of data and two lines are $50 each but each additional line is only $20 per month. Those that signup for the new service by Labor Day will get their 4th line for free making the family of four plan only $120 per month. In addition to the already stated features you’ll also have WiFi calling and texting plus you will also get a roll-over type plan that allows for your unused data to save each month for up to a year.

“It’s no surprise Verizon’s spent what looks to be over $100 million in just two months promoting an $80 data plan with 10GB everyone has to share. The catch is, it’s not actually an $80 plan. You can’t actually use any of that data until you pay additional ‘line access’ fees for data you’ve already bought,” said John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile. “So, when they say $80, they actually charge a family of four at least $140. And that’s to share 10GB. Leave it to Verizon to push a plan that gives you a pile of data you can’t use unless you fork over more in hidden fees.”

More information can be found at T-Mobile.com.

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