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Conclusion of Withings Smart Body Analyzer Wi-Fi Scale

I must admit, until I started using the Withings Smart Scale I did not routinely weigh myself at home. Perhaps because it felt too much like going to the doctor or knowing that I have some work to do but not good way of tracking the progress. Now with the Withings WiFi scale, I do not want to miss a morning without weighing in! I love how it easily keeps track of not only myself but my other four family members, it’s truly a great and easy way to begin living a healthier lifestyle. I’m also very pleased that Withings has partnered with MyFitnessPal as I have been a fan of this particular app for many years because the food tracking is fantastic.

So what’s not to like about the Withings Smart Body Analyzer? Well, I think the biggest downfall is keeping personal information within the application to your eyes only. I don’t know about you but my wife keeps her weight like many women do, completely under wraps. Having the ability to password protect profiles within the application on a single mobile device would be nice. However, you can still setup a profile on a different mobile device, which is a great alternative.

Another software feature that I would like to see added, which would be very simple to do is the ability to turn off the automatic “unrecognized weights” that are sent to the application. So when a person steps on the scale for the first time and that person is not detected as one of your regular folks that logs their weight on the scale, it will send this persons weight to the Withings application ask an unrecognized user where you can then add them in as a user or not. The problem I have with this, is with guests. Sometimes guests visiting your home may utilize your bedroom or bathroom where the scale is located and may weigh themselves. We already know many people like to keep their weight private, but yet – it was automatically sent to our app with or without them knowing. This could be changed so that the software can disable this feature, which shouldn’t impact the scale if all of your users of your home have already been setup in the system.

Those two items aside, the Withings Smart Body Analyzer is a rock solid product that delivers not only basic weight and body mass functionality but goes above and beyond with its features to ensure you can track and record your healthy lifestyle progress along the way! A lot of smart products usually either deliver on the physical product or on the software product, Withings delivers on both! Another area which I did not mention within the review is the batteries. I love the batteries being regular AAA, instead of the coin-style batteries which costs so much. Did I mention the batteries came included as well?!

Priced at $149.95 for this particular scale, or $99.95 for their similar scale without a few features – they are slightly a bit higher than some other smart scales but I would expect Withings will far exceed them on the software aspect to make up for it!



Withings WS50 Smart Body Analyzer Scale Reviewed byJames Anderson on . Rating: 4.45

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Hardware Features 92%
Software Features 86%
Smart Integration 89%
Value 89%
89% Solid Wi-Fi Body Analyzer Scale

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