Withings WS50 Smart Body Analyzer Scale

Withings Wifi Smart Body Analyzer Scale - Front Box

Withings Smart Smart Body Analyzer Functionality

As I’ve mentioned in previous parts of the review, the Smart Body Analyzer is capable of holding up to eight different users and can track the progress of each one. You can also install the Withings application on multiple phones and utilize the same login information to see the progress of these eight users. Unfortunately, you cannot password protect the user accounts to prevent one from seeing the other. However, it’s still great knowing that this many users can be tracked and will come in handy with large families. You can however setup a different email address on another mobile device which connects to the same Smart Scale. This can keep your users separated, for example with a spouse.

The “My Devices” area of the app shows the devices that you have and if you have other Withings devices, they will show up here as well. The battery status of the scale is also displayed here, which is great to anticipate when you should replace them.

Withings Smart Body Analyzer - Devices
Withings Smart Body Analyzer – Devices

If you click on the scale within the My Devices area, you’ll get even further details. You can name it, change the setting if you want or do not want the fat mass and heart rate to be measured and you can update the location of your scale. For the outdoor temperature / weather to work, you need to ensure your location has your zipcode entered in.

Withings Smart Body Analyzer - Device Settings
Withings Smart Body Analyzer – Device Settings

The Dashboard of the application is the main area of the app for each user. I’m under James, to see my reports and tracking information. You can see when you last weighed-in, how much you have loss or gain in weight as well as several other things like air quality and activity (steps) you’ve done for the day. The flower at the top shows your overall progress in four different areas and you want to make the flower as full as possible.

Withings Smart Body Analyzer - Dashboard
Withings Smart Body Analyzer – Dashboard

The wellness levels offers four areas of improvement; Weight, Activity, Sleep and Heart Health.

Withings Smart Body Analyzer - Progress
Withings Smart Body Analyzer – Progress

The Sleep can be tracked using the Withings Pulse or BodyMedia armbands. I do not have one, or I would have tested it.


The Heart health leaf grows with use of the scale and capturing of your heart rate but also your blood pressure from the Withings Heart Monitor.

withings_scale_phone_pic3Activity level can be tracked from your phones built in accelerometer or from other apps like RunKeeper.


Finally, your weight is tracked by the scale so as you keep weighing in and going in the right direction, this flower should bloom out.

withings_scale_phone_pic1Those are the main functions of the application. Now let’s take a look at the scale itself and what sort of output that it provides. After stepping on the scale, the first number displayed will be the weight. Since I’m already a registered user, it identifies me as JAM (James) with the first three characters of my name. It keeps track of users by their weight and can detect small changes in weight as you losing or gaining weight.

Withing Smart WiFi Scale - Weight
Withing Smart WiFi Scale – Weight

While weighing, if you tilt too far to the left, right, forward or back the scale will let you know by indicating arrows in the corners. The two bottom corner arrows indicating I’m tilting backwards and should tilt more forward to get the most accurate reading possible. You can move forward and the arrows should go away and then shortly after, your weight should get logged.


The next measurement will be your Body Fat percentage, and I’m pretty sure the bar at the bottom is the range you should be within.. I’ve got some work to do!

Withing Smart Body Fat Analyzer
Withing Smart Body Fat Analyzer

The next measurement will be your heart rate. After a couple of seconds it should be displayed, but on the first attempt it failed to capture mine. Perhaps my feet were not aligned properly by being too far forward or back? Here is what I saw. With a successful capture of your heart rate, it should display the number. The second attempt worked fine for me however. I’ve not had it fail again, so it could have just been a fluke.

Withing Smart Scale - Heart Rate
Withing Smart Scale – Heart Rate

Then you have the CO2 level and Indoor temperature.


Read on to the next page and I’ll share my final thoughts and recommendation on this smart Wi-Fi scale!

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