Withings WS50 Smart Body Analyzer Scale

Withings Wifi Smart Body Analyzer Scale - Front Box

Installation & Configuration of Withings Smart Body Scale

After having removed the plastic piece underneath the scale where the batteries are, the scale should turn on prompting with a Hello message.

Withings Smart Scale - Hello
Withings Smart Scale – Hello

The next display that you should receive is a phone and a Bluetooth logo, indicating that you should now turn your phone on and its Bluetooth on to discover the scale over Bluetooth.

Withings Smart Scale - Connect to Bluetooth
Withings Smart Scale – Connect to Bluetooth

I went under my Bluetooth settings on my iPhone and at the bottom of the screen it had identified the Withings WS50 C8 device which I connected to. Upon pairing with the smart scale I was prompted to download the required app from the App Store.


I clicked on the install button for the Health Mate application to be installed.

Withing Smart Scale - App Download
Withing Smart Scale – App Download

After launching the application, it automatically detected the scale over the Bluetooth connection.

Withing Smart Scale - Health Mate iOS App
Withing Smart Scale – Health Mate iOS App

I was then prompted to create a Withings account on the Health Mate app. This is how the scale knows how and where to save the information in the cloud for the data received from the scale and then to be displayed within the application.

Withing Smart Scale - Health Mate Signup
Withing Smart Scale – Health Mate Signup

After having setup an account, it prompted me to setup the Wi-Fi connection that the scale will be using on a daily basis for tracking the statistics and providing you with track-able measurements within the Health Mate application. It asked for me to allow sharing of WiFi Settings, which I allowed.

Withing Smart Scale - WiFi Share Setup
Withing Smart Scale – WiFi Share Setup

Since my phone is connected over my 5GHz WiFi band it did not work. The way that the WiFi Sharing works, is that the application will receive the information (network name and password) for the WiFi you are connected to on your phone. Since the Withings scale does not work over 5GHz Wifi, it failed. So I had to manually specify the network and password for the WiFi setup to work properly over my 2.4Ghz network. 2.4GHz is actually a better wireless band for a scale, since a scale will only be sending very small amounts of information while the 5GHz band is more for streaming video content. Also, the 2.4GHz band can reach much further than 5GHz so its perfect for reaching a bathroom where your scale will probably be located in a far corner of the house.

Withing Smart Scale - WiFi Share Setup

Once connected with WiFi it begins configuring the device.


Now the setup wizard should be completed with the application.

Withing Smart Scale - Setup Completed
Withing Smart Scale – Setup Completed

I was then prompted to setup my target weight, which was very easy to do as the white circle of weight slid up an down this page which not only shows the weight but also the BMI for your height which I had already entered in.


The app understands if you want to gain or lose weight, so it then prompts at which pace you want to gain or lose. In my example, I said 1.3Lbs a week.


You are then prompted if you want to track your food, which I definitely do so I clicked on the Log My Food option.


Withings and MyFitnessPal has teamed up to offer a solution of tracking food within this application. You still need to install the MyFitnessPal app, which is REALLY good if you have never used it before but you can view all of your food intake from the Withings app, which is great!


After setting up MyFitnessPal, which links the two apps.. you are good to go and the setup is completed! Read on to the next page and we’ll dive into some of the user settings and functionality of the application and the smart scale itself!

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