OSRAM LIGHTIFY ZigBee Smart Connected Lighting

OSRAM LIGHTIFY Smart Home Lighting System

Conclusion of OSRAM Lightify Lighting System

The ZigBee Certified LIGHTIFY Lighting System from OSRAM has a lot going for it but at the same time I feel some improvements could do the application and the LIGHTIFY Gateway a lot of good. While the Gateway was SUPER easy to setup and configure, the application for LIGHTIFY left a lot to be desired. For one, the scheduler was difficult to utilize and there was no If This Then That type of functionality within the app to help automate the lighting.

What the Gateway and App has going for it, is that it’s super responsive. When I modified the brightness or color of the lights, they changed nearly instantaneously. The LIGHTIFY Gateway is also a small device that can go just about anywhere in your home that has a free outlet plug. It’s a good solution for consumers just starting out into smart home lighting and it does interface with Google Nest so if you have Nest, then you will gain some advantages as the two can work together in harmony.

Where I really enjoyed the OSRAM lights was with my existing Samsung Smartthings hub. With my Smartthings hub I was easily able to modify the brightness, the color, and turn the bulb on and off all from one screen. I also had hundreds of possibilities for automating the lights thanks to the Smartthings vast configuration options. The OSRAM lights performed very well both on the LIGHTIFY Gateway and on the SmartThings hub, so I can’t knock the lights at all – they were rock solid!

There was a compatibility issue with the LIGHTIFY Flood 65-Watt LED, not working with Smartthings initially but it was quickly certified and is now working just fine in Smartthings!

The OSRAM Lightify Starter Kit is available on Amazon for under $60 bucks and Lightify Tunable White Bulb is priced under $30 if you already have a ZigBee certified smart home hub. The OSRAM Lightify Flood goes for about $35 bucks.

Special thanks to OSRAM for sending us these products to review. You can find out more information on the their ZigBee certified LIGHTIFY products at OSRAM.com

OSRAM LIGHTIFY ZigBee Smart Connected Lighting Reviewed byJames Anderson on . Rating: 4.25

Review Overview

App Features 63%
Gateway Functionality 82%
Bulb Quality & Features 98%
Smartthings Integration 98%
85% App Needs Small Improvements but Bulbs Are Great!

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