Mozilla Blocking Vulnerable Adobe Flash in Firefox

In light of recent zero-day vulnerabilities, Mozilla is now blocking all vulnerable versions of Adobe Flash within its Firefox browser.

The 400GB data breach via the Hacking Team last week left us first with one critical flash vulnerability but then shortly after two additional zero-day vulnerabilities were discovered which has still be left unpatched today.

Mozilla went on to state that it would continue blocking the vulnerable versions of Flash until Adobe has patched the versions with vulnerabilities and Adobe releases newer versions of Flash that do not immediately contain known public vulnerabilities.

While Adobe has told news reporters that they have already been working on strengthening the defenses of Flash, even ahead of all the zero-day vulnerabilities that has came out over the last couple of months. The company plans to expedite the internal projects that are focusing on securing the product. The Adobe Security Blog has had no recent comments about the security of Flash and the progress of these internal projects.

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