FCC Documents 5G Wireless Standards Offering Mobile Speeds Up To 3.6Gbps

The FCC this week began laying the foundation for the new ultra-fast 5G wireless communication standards which may use four different bands of high-band spectrum above 24GHz to run the new service on. Specifically, they are looking to utilize of 27.5 to 28.35 GHz (the 28 GHz band), 37 to 38.6 GHz (the 37 GHz band), 38.6 to 40 GHz (the 39 GHz band) and the 64-71 GHz band.

“With today’s action, the FCC is taking steps to unlock the mobile broadband and unlicensed potential of spectrum at the frontier above 24 GHz. It was previously assumed physical and tech limitations could not support mobile service in these bands. New tech developments may allow the use of these high frequencies for mobile applications – like 5G service – with significantly more capacity and faster speeds for next generation mobile service. “

In early testing trials, the new fifth generation 5G wireless technology was able to obtain an average download speed of 1.34Gbps with maximum peaks up to 3.6Gbps, which is nothing to laugh about even for a home connection.

“By taking this action now, the Commission begins to establish a framework to proceed in parallel with technological development in order to keep pace and help future mobile and other wireless technologies flourish.”

While we won’t see the new standard anytime soon, Verizon did state that they will begin new 5G trials next year and would expect a commercial deployment after 2020.

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