Hitec Q-Cop 450 FPV Quadcopter Drone Review

Conclusion of Hitec Q-Cop 450 Drone

What a fun multi-rotor to fly! The Q-Cop 450 from Hitec RCD is a very stable and easy flying quadcopter that is capable of getting you into aerial photography safely and easily. With its onboard GPS, accelerometers, and gyroscopes it makes it very easy to almost fly by itself without having to worry about keeping it in the air which means more time concentrating on shooting HD video and capturing 16 megapixel photos. I’m not a hotshot while flying quadcopters, but this craft is capable of reaching up to speeds of 33MPH which is very fast for a quadcopter and should make it fun for folks that race them. I really enjoy the battery life and also the ease of installing the battery in this particular quadcopter. I’ve seen some 450 sized quadcopters where you must still plug in the wires from the battery to the quadcopter. It’s not a feature that most look for in the 450 size, as you are expecting this feature but do not take it for granted! The return to home feature worked out really well for me with my testing, and saved me in several situations – which in return saves greatly on repair bills! The landing gears on the Q-Cop 450 were carefully crafted and installed. I really love the spread that it provides and they have a lot of ‘give’ to them to help absorb even the hardest of landings.

The video quality of the Q-Cop 450 is really good, but not on the same level as a GoPro by any means. For an entry level quadcopter in the 450 size, I think the HD camera provided on the Q-Cop 450 is just about right, however with the lack of a gimbal, it’s really a turn off. Most folks looking at the 450 sized quadcopters with FPV capabilities, are expecting to have a gimbal to provide a smoother video quality. The Q-Cop 450 camera appears to be housed in an anti-vibration housing, so there is some give there for shakes and rattles. During our testing, we did not experience much “vibration” in the video but when the quadcopter tilts or leans, you’re definitely going to see why having a gimbal is very important. Having the Q-Cop 450 with a gimbal option would definitely be more appealing, perhaps two models one with a gimbal but no video camera and then another one as equipped would provide consumers the option they want.

The  controller has a very good layout and feels really great in your hands. All of the toggle switches along the top are easy to reach and utilize and the video capturing buttons are positioned well in the center of the remote. The WiFi repeater did a great job at connecting with the quadcopter but also syncing up with my phone’s own WiFi. I felt this was a fairly quick process and did not have any troubles once it was all connected and in-sync. The video has a couple seconds delay to the phone which you are viewing it from but this is pretty normal, especially at longer distances.

Replacement parts of the Q-Cop 450 are priced about right but the battery will set you back $180 bucks, which is a tad high for the 450 sized quadcopters but everything else is about on spot. As the Q-Cop 450 becomes more popular, I am sure the prices will work their way down and the amount of aftermarket parts and upgrades will become more widely available.

Q-Cop 450 Replacement Parts Price
Hitec LiPO Battery $179
Hitec WiFi Range Extender $99
Hitec Prop Guards $6
Hitec Propellers (Set of 4) $25


Overall I feel the Q-Cop 450 delivers on performance, battery life, stability and easy of use. It lacks a bit with the application for smart phones and the lack of a full gimbal setup for the video camera. If you are looking to upgrade from smaller quadcopters and want to move up to the 450 size, look no further than the Hitec Q-Cop 450 as its a solid aircraft that is sure to put a smile on your face and great photography to go with it! The Q-Cop 450 quadcopter is priced at $699 USD and is available with free shipping here. More information on the Q-Cop 450 can be found at Hitec RCD’s web site.

Hitec Q-Cop 450 FPV Quadcopter Drone Review Reviewed byJames Anderson on . Rating: 3.85

Hitec Q-Cop 450 FPV Quadcopter Review

Build and Quality 98%
Camera Quality & Gimbal 60%
Transmitter Comfort and Features 80%
Power and Performance 95%
Battery Life 78%
Phone App Capabilities 53%
77% Great quadcopter!



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