Hitec Q-Cop 450 FPV Quadcopter Drone Review

Hitec RCD Q-Cop 450 Quadcopter Internal Components

Flipping the Q-Cop 450 over, will reveal a dozen or so small holes with screws which holds the housing of the Q-Cop 450 together. By unscrewing all of these, we can open up the Q-Cop 450 to take a peak at the internal components to see how they are laid out but also to understand how easy it might be for a repair, if it were ever needed.


The mainboard or the computer of the quadcopter sits right under the main part of the hull. The series of boards is what controls the inputs and outputs along with processing the gyroscope data, gps data, and more. On the inside (top-side) of the hull, you’ll find the GPS.


On the arms of the Q-Cop 450, you’ll find the wires leading to the ESC (Electronic Speed Controllers) and then on to the motors. I actually really like the ESC being on the arms and separate from the mainboard because I know on the DJI Phantom 3, they are part of the mainboard and if you need to replace one on the DJI you must replace the whole board! Because they are affixed to the mainboard, you are not able to replace an individual ESC. On the Q-Cop 450, this is not the case and it makes things much easier and more cost effective if you ever required a replacement. The motors themselves are also easy to uninstall with four additional screws, which I did not unfasten and the wires to the motors plug into a header for easy removal and replacement should the time come for you to replace yours.

Read on to the next page and we’ll take this quad up in the air!

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