Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Release Moves Up to Beat Apple

Samsung, looking to get an upper edge on Apple by planning to move its launch date up of its new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to the middle of August. The move is directly in line to beat Apple to the market with its new iPhone 6S or iPhone 7 device coming out in the September time frame.

By launching in August, Samsung hopes to take a bigger jab at the market looking to upgrade to a phablet instead of waiting for the next iteration of the iPhone phablet which could be named iPhone 7 Plus.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 phablet is expected to offer a 5.7 Inch Quad HD display with a 2K resolution, 4100 mAh battery, bottom of the device speakers,and a hybrid metal/glass case which is very similar to the Galaxy S6 phone. One lacking feature could be the lack of a removable battery and SD card slot if they move to the glass backs like the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge devices.

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