Google Improving SPAM Filtering Technology for GMail

Behind the scenes Google is spending a lot of time tweaking its spam catching technology that aims at prevent 100% of junk email from reaching your inbox within Gmail.

While its not 100% fool-proof, as it can easily block legitimate large emailers, it is making a large dent in the amount of spam that Gmail users receive.

Google has also launched a toolset for the legitimate bulk emailers called, Postmaster tools. You can access Postmasters Tools by Gmail to get started with keeping your legitimate mail in the Inbox instead of the SPAM folder of your recipients.

The GMail blog post said the following technologies are helping to keep the amount of SPAM in your Inbox at bay:

  • For starters, the spam filter now uses an artificial neural network to detect and block the especially sneaky spam—the kind that could actually pass for wanted mail.
  • We also recognize that not all inboxes are alike. So while your neighbor may love weekly email newsletters, you may loathe them. With advances in machine learning, the spam filter can now reflect these individual preferences.
  • Finally, the spam filter is better than ever at rooting out email impersonation—that nasty source of most phishing scams. Thanks to new machine learning signals, Gmail can now figure out whether a message actually came from its sender, and keep bogus email at bay.

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