New TiVo Bolt 4K DVR Skips Entire Commercial Breaks!

TiVo Bolt DVR for 4K

TiVo revolutionized the way that we watch TV back in 1998 when they began the first public trials of its new TiVo DVR that allowed its users to record shows and watch them when they wanted but also allowed for you to skip commercials.

Today’s world of DVR’s all allow you to skip ahead 30 seconds but this isn’t always the best and easiest way to skip through all of the commercials and you are also subject to still viewing those commercials on the screen as you skip through them.

TiVo is looking to change that with its new TiVo Bolt 4K DVR and with a single press of the button skip the entire commercial breaks! TiVo will automatically tag the start and end of commercial breaks so viewers can instantly skip over that entire section to get back to their favorite show or movie.

The feature won’t work on all channels and showings. According to TiVo it will work initially with about 20 over-the-air and cable channels which include major broadcast networks and will be available mostly during prime-time hours.

Among other features, the new TiVo Bolt also provides Ultra HD or 4K resolution recording. You will also find a 30% quicker play back of recording which user should enjoy.

So how much does the TiVo Bolt DVR cost? It will set you back $300 bucks which includes a year of free TiVo service but after that its $15 per month. More information can be found here.

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