Samsung SmartThings v2 Hub Just A $100 White Brick?

The all new Samsung SmartThings 2 Hub has begun shipping to users which pre-ordered the new Smart home hub but some users which have been waiting months for the new device are finding that once they receive their new hub, all they have is a $100 white brick. Apparently, and I can verify this as I am one of them, when you begin to go through the setup process of the new SmartThings 2 hub, the setup process hangs within the iOS and Android apps, resulting in the hub never being setup properly. You can close the application down and re-open it, but then you will find yourself with the SmartThings 2 hub indicating that your hub is offline, when in fact the hub is online an “green” showing operational.

There are several support threads going on right now, with this one being the most active with hundreds of other individuals experiencing the same issue. Some of the troubleshooting steps in the thread include;

Login to and you’ll find your hub device. From here, you can delete it and then are able to launch the iOS or Android app again and can re-try setting up your hub using your hub’s access code. Some of the other ideas included setting up a forwarding to your Hub’s IP for tcp ports 37, 39500, 11111, and 9443. I did this but also adding my hub’s IP to be the DMZ IP, which allows ALL traffic and it did not result in any success.

One thing that I noticed on my hub was that the NIC port on it, only has an orange light lit up.. the other light (green, I assume?) never lights up. I believe the hub is sending data out, but nothing is coming in which I think is the root of the problem. Perhaps the NIC on the hubs are bad?

Regardless, I went to support yesterday via an email and have yet to receive a response. They only have support hours during the weekdays in PST only. They also have no phone number for their support, so if you are looking to talk with someone directly, you are out of luck. There is a chat option within the SmartThings app, which I will be trying this morning but expect that to be very overloaded with users attempting to do the same.

In the meantime, I will continue to provide updates through this article of my progress and hopefully a resolution to the issue – even if its getting a replacement hub from SmartThings.

Update 9/21: 11:29AM

I was able to chat with SmartThings via the iOS App very quickly this morning. After a few minutes explaining the troubleshooting steps that I did, they said I performed everything that I could. They said that they would expedite a new hub to me immediately and also throw in a free sensor for my troubles. If you are having issues, I recommend the chat option within the SmartThings app, as the fastest way to get to their support team. I’ll update again once I receive my new hub.

Update 9/23: 2:10PM

Received the new replacement hub today and can successfully say that it’s working as intended. I was able to pair our Cree Connected LED bulb we recently reviewed, without any issues. We’ll be working on a full detailed review of the SmartThings v2 hub and have it posted soon.

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