Ergotron WorkFit-T Sit and Stand Workstation Desktop

Ergotron WorkFit-T Sit and Stand Workstation Desktop

Introduction of Ergotron Workfit-T Sit-N-Stand Desk

Being in IT in general sometimes gives us a bad rap of being lazy, out of shape, and not the healthiest of other professions. Why? For one, we sit WAY too much and sometimes several hours at a time without even realizing it!

According to reports, sitting for long periods of time at a desk can lead to heart disease, over productive pancreas, colon cancer, muscle degeneration, back problems such as disk damage and inflexible spine, poor circulation and even blood clots. If you sit at a desk more than seven hours a day, you are 61 percent of greater risk of dying than those that only sit an hour a day. Adding this to your sitting time that you watch TV and you, as an IT professional have a very serious problem.

How do we counteract some of these bad effects by sitting at the computer for so long? The Ergotron Workfit-T Sit and Stand Desktop! The Ergotron Workfit-T allows for you to easily, safely, and quickly adjust your keyboard, mouse, and monitors to a standing position and then again back down to a sitting position! So you can easily go from sitting to standing in seconds to allow for you to stretch, gain better posture while working, and counteract a lot of the issues that plague sitting all day!


Workfit-T Sit and Stand Workstation Lowered
Workfit-T Sit and Stand Workstation Lowered


Part Number: 33-397-085
Description: WorkFit-T Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation (black)
Ships fully assembled; no tool-adjustments needed for installation
Footprint = 35″ x 25″ (89 x 64 cm)
Fits on desk surfaces 24″ (61 cm) deep or larger
Keyboard moves in tandem with the worksurface. Tray is positioned 4.5″ (11.4 cm) below worksurface to maintain ergonomic spacing between screen height and keyboard
Displays can be placed directly on the worksurface. Alternatively, use our monitor mount kits to integrate displays into system (see accessories)
Keyboard tray dimensions = 25″ x 9″ (64 x 23 cm). Recommended maximum keyboard width = 18″ (45 cm)
Product Weight: 49 lbs (22.3 kg)
Shipping Dimensions: 38.5″ x 28″ x 8.5″ (98 x 71 x 21.6 cm)
Shipping Weight: 58.5 lbs (26.6 kg)
Warranty: Five (5) years

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