AVG Free Not So Free Anymore!

According to AVG’s new privacy policy which takes affect on October 15th, the company can now and will sell the data which it collects from its users to make money.

The type of data in which AVG will sell does not include detailed personal data such as credit card information typed, name, address, or even your email address but will sell a users complete browsing history and sometimes personal information can be stored into this browsing history depending on the web site.

In addition to browsing history, your IP may also be shared with AVG search providers and affiliated vendors may even have access to your email address.

The selling of personal information is only affecting the free AVG product which it offers to users completely free, or maybe not so free now? Users have the choice to utilize the free product, move on to another free AV product like Avast or accept the free product in exchange for some of there data being sold in exchange. What choice will you make?

The complete details of the new privacy policy can be found at AVG.com

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