Google Chrome 45 Released With Much Improvements To Memory

Google has released its latest update 45 to its Chrome web browser today which addresses many bugs and focuses on improving memory management among other things.

One of the greatest features of Chrome when it was first released was how speedy it was and over the years it has become less and less speedy for web browsing. Google is hoping to change this with a lot of the performance tweaks in update 45. Chrome can now detect when a webpage isn’t busy with some other task and use free time to aggressively clean up old unused memory.

Based on Google’s testing, they found a 10% memory savings by doing this cleanup effort and even more on some memory intensive web sites.

Chrome has also gotten smarter with restoring your tabs. Tabs are now restored from the most to least recently viewed, so you get the important tabs displayed faster.

Then finally the next most noticeable feature for Chrome 45 is the new autoplay of video content will no longer happen on tabs that aren’t in focus.

Ready for the upgrade? Simply restart your Chrome browser. Need Chrome? Head over to


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